Langsdorffia hypogaea Mart.


Collection NumberNeill, D 15942
CollectorsDavid A. Neill, Christopher Davidson & Sharon R. Christoph
Identified ByD.A. Neill (ECUAMZ), 2020
SourceS. Christoph
Date22 September 2007
provinceZamora Chinchipe
cantonEl Pangui
LocationCordillera del Cóndor region. Río Wawaime watershed, tributary of Río Quimi. Below site of proposed EcuaCorriente copper mine, on ridge near 1-ha forest inventory "Wawaime Plot". Tall cloud forest on ridge, on substrate of mixed sand and clay soil, below sandstone plateau. 1130 m elev.
Lat/LongS 03 34 18 W 078 26 46
NoteRoot parasite, achlorophyllous. Leaves form involucre-like circle around inflorescence. Flowers emerging from ground, in shaded forest. Scale-like leaves brown at base, light brown at apex. flowers pink-orange.