Ribes himalense var. himalense


Collection NumberBoufford, D 43667
CollectorsD. E. Boufford, S. Christoph, C. Davidson & Y. D. Gao
Identified By
SourceC. Davidson
Date12 May 2014
LocationBaoxing Xian. Mountain slope along side road E off state road G210 (between Huangdianzi and Yangliuping) at Guoba Yan, Hanbaiyu Shan. Remnant mixed deciduous forest on steep mountain slope, badly disturbed by quarrying operations, tree cutting and grazing. Dominant trees: Juglans, Acer (3 species), Cercidiphyllum, Tetracentron, Betula, Salix and Prunus with Viburnum, Ribes understory and occasional Pinus armandii. 2390 m elev.
Lat/LongN 30 39 56 E 102 51 21
NoteIn open forest. Shrub ca. 2 m tall; fruit immature, green.

Local Habitat

4.6km distance

LocationChina, Sichuan: Baoxing Xian., N of the city of Baoxing on the Baoxing-Xiaojin Road (provincial road S210) between Guobayan and Yangliuping along the Dong He (East River)., N 30 38 25 E 102 49 06
Date14 May 2014
EcologySlope on margin of river with mixed broadleaved deciduous forest of Cercidiphyllum, Kalopanax, Juglans, Populus, Salix, Euptelia and Pterocarya.