Drimys winteri J.R. Forst. & G. Forst.


Collection NumberStevens, W. D 34111
CollectorsW.D. Stevens, C. Davidson, S. R. Christoph & O.M. Montiel
Identified ByW.D. Stevens (MO), C. Davidson, 2013
SourceC. Davidson
Date17 February 2013
regionBio Bio
provinceBio Bio
LocationComuna Tucapel, 17.1 km E of Polcura along road to El Abanico, 0.7 km W of Puente Polcura; low forest with Drimys dominant. 699 m elev.
Lat/LongS 37 19 56 W 071 32 32
NoteTree 5 m tall, leaves glaucous below, fruits green to purple, spongy, peppery tasting