Quinchamalium chilense Molina


Collection NumberStevens, W. D 34095
CollectorsW.D. Stevens, C. Davidson, S. R. Christoph & O.M. Montiel
Identified ByW.D. Stevens (MO), C. Davidson, 2013
SourceS. Christoph
Date17 February 2013
regionBio Bio
provinceBio Bio
LocationComuna Tucapel, 12.1 km E of Polcura along road to El Abanico, 4.3 km W of Puente Polcura; moss and lichen covered rock outcrops and edge of low forest with Quillaja dominant. 647 m elev.
Lat/LongS 37 18 48 W 071 35 22
NoteDecumbent with inflorescences erect, flowers yellow to red orange.