Perrottetia sp.


Collection NumberNeill, D 15720
CollectorsDavid Neill, C. Davidson, S. Christoph, W. Quizhpe
Identified ByR.Liesner (MO), 2008
SourceC. Davidson
Date15 September 2007
provinceZamora Chinchipe
LocationCordillera del Cóndor, "Area de Conservación Los Tepuyes". Riparian vegetation along west bank of upper Río Nangaritza near the Cabañas Yankuam lodge. Soil of sand eroded from sandstone plateau above, mixed with river-borne clay sediment. 900 m elev.
Lat/LongS 04 14 53 W 078 39 35
NoteTree 25 m tall, 30 cm DBH. Flowers light yellow-greenish.