Symplocos bogotensis Brand


Collection NumberNeill, D 16000
CollectorsDavid Neill, C. Davidson, S. Christoph
Identified ByB. Stahl, 2017
SourceC. Davidson
Date25 September 2007
provinceZamora Chinchipe
LocationTapichalaca Reserve, south of Podocarpus National Park, east of road between Yangana and Valladolid, upper Río Chinchipe watershed, near beginning of mule trail to Quebrada Honda. Exposed ridge with very dense, dwarf montane forest and low dense montane scrub. 2550 m elev.
Lat/LongS 04 29 23 W 079 08 11
NoteSmall tree 3 m tall. Flowers greenish-white, with 10 stamens adnate to the perianth, these together forming a ring that dehisces after anthesis. Ovary inferior. Fruit green, with persistent style.