Margaritaria discoidea (Baill.) G.L. Webster


Collection Numbernot collected
CollectorsNot collected
Identified By
SourceC. Davidson
Date16 February 2006
LocationVigoi Division; Vigoi Ward; Mahenge Scarp Forest Reserve. Along river, dominated by Sorendeia, Trichilia and Oxyanthus spp.
Lat/LongS 08 37 26 E 036 42 50

Local Habitat

0.5km distance

LocationTanzania, Morogoro, Ulanga, Vigoi Division; Vigoi Ward; Mkanga Village; ca. 10 km from Mahenge town; Ndororo Mountain; Mahenge Escarpment., S 08 37 11 E 036 42 46
Date16 February 2006
Ecology Woodland dominated by Dalbergia sp., Pterocarpus sp., Combretum and Acacia spp.