Zanthoxylum scandens Blume


Collection NumberD. Boufford 44090
CollectorsDavid E. Boufford, Sharon Christoph, Chris Davidson, Xin-Han HUANG & Zhuo ZHOU
Identified ByD. Boufford (GH)
SourceC. Davidson
Date29 April 2018
prefecture-levelMalipo Xian.
LocationWenshan Zhuangzu-Miaozu-Zizhizhou. Almost due south of Xiajinchang-Xiang and east-northeast of Malipo city; ca. 3.1 km north of the border with Vietnam along road named Ciwugu. Heavily disturbed remnant forest with Alnus nepalensis, Betula, Dipentodon, Paulownia, Acer, Rhododendron, Mahonia. 1960-1970 m.
Lat/LongN 23 08 39.6 E 104 47 45.2
NoteThicket at edge of low wet area and below forested area and open cultivated field. Vine, scandent, ca 3 m long; leaves abaxially dull, adaxially shining; sepal green; petals pale green.