Ribes cereum Douglas


Collection NumberC. Davidson 14110
CollectorsC. Davidson
Identified ByC. Davidson, VIII/2021
SourceC. Davidson
Date01 May 2021
LocationCa. 40 km south of Idaho City on Highway 21; or 1.7 km north of Robie Cr. Rd. junction. 957 m elev.
Lat/LongN 43 39 52.4 W 115 58 41.8
NoteRoadside pullout at foot of basalt ledge in beginning of ponderosa pine forest along the highway. Shrub 1.2 m. Flowers pale pink.

Local Habitat

9.2km distance

LocationUSA, Ada County, Idaho, Idaho Bird Observatory, on Lucky Peak, a unit of the Boise Front mountains., N 43 36 19.9 W 116 03 30.5
Date16 September 2013
EcologySubmontane intermountain steppe merging into Douglas fir forest in the Boise Front Mountains.
CommentThe Idaho Bird Observatory is a department of Boise State University.