Alisma lanceolatum With.


Collection NumberA. G. Miller 2.23
CollectorsIhsan Al-Shehbaz, C. Davidson, B. Ertter, S. R. Christoph
Identified ByC. Davidson
SourceC. Davidson
Date16 June 2010
SulaimaniSulaimani Prov.
LocationNorth of Sulaimani on highway to Zaynal and Mawat, c. 2 km south of Suraqalat. Upper bank of Aw-e Shiler River near a bridge (and remnants of a pervious bridge blown up by Hussein troops). 830 m elev.
Lat/LongN 35 45 39.7 E 45 28 12.0
NoteRiparian vegetation on gravel bars and the river bank.